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  We offer this art site in full appreciation and deep respect for its traditions. We have gratefully enjoyed these inspiring works for decades, and now offer them to you. This site and the refined experiences which come when perceiving the images are dedicated to his Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who has taught us simple and profound meditation techniques. After viewing the art, please sign our guestbook; tell us what you think about the art and this web site.

To those who visit this web site:
To you, your family, friends, and loved ones, may your finest desires be fulfilled. Wishing you perfect prosperity, and perfect balance. Wishing you perfect health, happiness, and long, long life, enlightenment, mastery of the siddhis, and cognition of the Veda.

- Dan Collinsworth, USA



Vedic Art Gallery Index
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Vedic Images ------------------------------------- Image Count Last date added
See the Vedic Art Gallery history below.    
  Brahma 1 image Coming Soon!
  Devi 3 images Sunday 1-31-10
  Dhanvantari 1 image Wednesday 1-13-10
  Durga   6 images Wednesday 1-13-10
  Ganesh   8 images Coming Soon!
  Hanuman   9 images Friday 1-15-10
  Krishna   14 images Coming Soon!
  MahaLakshmi   11 images Wednesday 1-13-10
  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi   12 images, 2 docs Monday 1-11-10
  Rama   5 images Wednesday 1-13-10
  Saraswati   3 images Wednesday 1-13-10
  Shankara   1 image Coming Soon!
  Shiva   17 images Wednesday 1-20-10
  Swami Bramananda Saraswati 6 images Sunday 1-24-10
  Vishnu   1 image, 3 more soon! Wednesday 1-13-10
Vedic group images, miscellaneous ----------    
  Jyotish   2 images Sunday 1-31-10
  Vedic Group Devatas   1 image Coming Soon!
  Vedic general info, quotes, & charts 1 image Sunday 1-31-10
Miscellaneous images --------------------------    
  Buddhism   2 images Coming Soon!
  Christian - Biblical and general   2 images Coming Soon!
  Christian - Angels and Cherubs   11 images Coming Soon!

Vedic Art Gallery history:

Current image and document count = 77 images, 2 docs, with 26 pending images and  33 sorted images ready to post, and another possilbe 60 images.

Sun 3-8-20 through Thu 3-12-20 General site maintenance.
Sun  1-31-10  Added 6 images in the three following pages: Devi, Jyotish, and Vedic general info, quotes, & charts.
Sun  1-24-10  Added 6 images in the Swami Bramananda Saraswati page.
Wed  1-20-10  Added 17 images in the Shiva page; added Links page.
Fri  1-15-10  Added 9 images in the Hanuman page.
Wed  1-13-10  Added 27 images in the following pages: Dhanvantari, Durga, MahaLaklshmi, Rama, Saraswati. and Vishnu.
Mon  1-11-10  Loaded following pages with 12 images and 2 docs, in celebration and honoring the birthday of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
  Gallery Index, MMY page, Dedication page, and related back support pages & images. Email active, . No other pages or links will work.
Wed  1-6-10  Site up again at new web domain,, home page only.
Tuesday  5-27-03  Added 1 more Saraswati image; added 5 more Shiva images.
  Also added a third level document link as needed to the fulljs.html page, and on certain thumbnail pages. When there is a document available, related to the image or in addition to the thumbnail subject, then this link is available. On the fulljs.html page the link is just under the "General Information" paragraph; in the thumbnail pages the document links will be at the end of the thumbnail images.
Monday  5-26-03  Added Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 12 images, 2 documents. See these images and documents from the dedication page link at top right above the gallery index in the welcome paragraph: /misc/dedication.html.
Wednesday  5-14-03  Added 5 more MahaLakshmi images; added 4 more Durga images; added 5 more Hanuman images.
Thursday  5-8-03  Added 1 more Ganesh image; added Vishnu, 1 image.
Wednesday  5-7-03  Added 1 more Shiva image; added 1 more Jyotish Surya image.
Monday  5-5-03  Added 4 more Rama images.

Saturday  4-26-03  Added Hanuman, 4 images.
Wednesday  4-23-03  Added Vedic general info, quotes, & charts; 1 - 40 Vedic Aspects Chart image.
Monday  4-21-03  Added Jyotish; 1 Surya image.
Saturday  4-12-03  More tech changes to Email addresses and links; Added 1 more Swami Bramananda Saraswati image.

Saturday  3-16-02  All tech changes: fixed Email addresses and links throughout; contact info to index.html, guestbook.html, links.html; also updated links page; minor changes on dedication.html.

Sunday  12-16-01  Moved site to temporary web host at; please note: some links, or email addresses will not work.
Wednesday  5-9-01  Added 1 more Rama image.
  Also added a third level picture link to the fulljs.html page. When there is a very large format picture available, then this link is available just under the "General Information" paragraph on the fulljs.html page. For example, please see the Rama page, image #3002. These very large format pictures can be as large as 1 MB in size.

Sunday  5-14-00  Added 11 Christian Angel and Cherub images.
Sunday  4-16-00  Added 1 more Swami Bramananda Saraswati image.
Sunday  3-26-00  Added 1 more Buddha image; added 1 more Mother Mary image; added 6 more Ganesh images; added 1 more Swami Bramananda Saraswati image.
Sunday  1-30-00  Added Shiva, 10 images.
Wednesday  1-19-00  Added Swami Bramananda Saraswati, 5 images.
Thursday  1-13-00  Site announcement released.

Monday  12-20-99  Site published, 18 images.
Sunday  11-21-99  Site start.

Copyrights and Disclaimers:

It is our desire to display this beautiful vedic art that has inspired us for many years. This web site has been developed by Oak River Software, (ORS) and is not officially affiliated with any other organization in either its content or its expressed point of view.

We believe that the images on this Vedic Art Gallery web site are in the public domain, except for those images copyrighted by other than ORS. We believe and assume that if the images on this site are not marked as copyrighted, all images are displayed with full intention to respect and comply with all such legal and valid copyrights. If the image displayed is copyrighted by other than ORS we have secured permission, and given such notice on the full display image page.

If you believe that the image is shown here is yours and is shown without due or proper recognition, please Email us as soon as possible. Please provide proper provenance and document art and image ownership. We will be happy to show your copyright, and actively seek your permission, or if you prefer we will remove your copyrighted art.

Please note, we are not Vedic, spiritual, or religious scholars. We are students who are gratefully devoted to Knowledge, both academic, and particularly experiential. If you notice errors, or wish to expand on the explanatory texts which accompany each full image, we would appreciate your contributions and corrections. Please include your credentials, and credit the material quoted so that we can properly attribute such new information. Please quote the exact chapter and verse of primary Vedic and spiritual texts which support your contributions, so that we and others may verify your point of view.

How to submit your images and art to us:

We would like you to help us build this site into a worldwide repository of classical spiritual art, photographs, and posters. At first we will focus on classical images, not contemporary art. To contribute vedic or other art, photographs, or posters to us of a spiritual or religious content that you consider inspirational, submitted items must have the proper copyright permission. Or if you have higher resolution or clearer scanned copies of items which we already have on our site, we will be glad to upgrade our images.

Please attach the scanned art or photographs to an Email with a short written description of the specific scan and the general classification of its depicted subject, no more than 100 words. We may edit and/or compress your text submissions and images. Inclusion of any art, images, or photographs in this site will be entirely up to our subjective opinion, based on the intent and direction of this site; however we will try to accommodate all requests within a reasonable time. By the act of sending your text, art, images, or photographs for inclusion in this site you explicitly give proper permission for its use at this site. Please do not mail or fax any text or images.

We seek and will consider classical art and image work from all major spiritual and religious traditions, such as: Vedic, Christianity including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglicanism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim or Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Parsiism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shinto, Baha'i, Mormonism, or other ancient Metaphysical, native traditional, or Esoteric traditions. All art submitted must be accompanied with the proper ownership and copyright permission, and will be reviewed to the best of our ability and time.

Please submit your art and descriptive text only once; it may take some time to process your request. All art should include a thumbnail version, exactly 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches (1.5x1.5) no more than 15K in size, as well as a full size version; size on the full picture is less relevant, but 5 inches by 5 inches (5x5) is a good size and no more than 60K in size at any dimensions. You may also submit a very large, third version, of your art with as much size and resolution as possible. This third version will be used, space and downloaded bandwidth permitting, as necessary. Please compress all of your art into a .jpg or .jpeg format. We recommend and use Adobe Photoshop and a stand alone and Photoshop plug-in, CyberView Image to process our art scans and photographs.

To contact us please see our contact information below.

Known Problems and Anomalies

We have received comments and are aware about the following:
1. Some few images on certain high end monitors can appear darker over all. This a problem caused at scanning time due to an improper gamma, and/or low contrast setting, we believe. Since the scans on this site were thankfully completed with the assistance of others over several years, we look forward to re-scanning some of the images. See the Future site expansion paragraph below for our plans.
2. There is a server timing load problem to some local ISPs causing an intermittent appearance of no image and text on the fulljs.html page. As a temporary fix, just click on "Reload," or "Refresh" on your browser program.
3. If you notice other problems, please send us an Email. We look forward to making this a high quality site and as user friendly as possible. Please send information with the most detailed description which your time allows, with actual page names, see the bottom of each page, and the image number if your comments relate to images.


Great thanks for contributing images:
D. Simmons, Guru Dev, images # 5515 and # 5516.
R. Khalili, images: Lakshmi # 0527-0530; Durga # 1023-1025; Rama # 3002, and Shiva # 4620-4624.
D. Orme-Johnson, Guru Dev, image # 5517.
Thanks to D. Steinhauser for much of the form, but not the content, for the links and dedication pages on this site.

Want to increase your software and graphic artist skills?

Although we have a backlog of more than 100 images to include in this site, we welcome your contributions. We look forward to including art and images from traditions not currently represented. If you would like to volunteer time in the maintenance and expansion of this site, please Email us. We need help with setting up the images for web pages, and minor changes in HTML and Javascript pages when images are added. This work will require Adobe Photoshop, CyberView Image, and an HTML editor. For an HTML and Javascript editor we recommend Text Pad.

Future site expansion:

We plan to add thumbnail categories and add images as time allows. We are specifically looking for devata images of the 9 grahas, any Brijbasi images, a complete scan of the Lakshmi image #1501 (MahaLakshmi Standing TM), and more classical images of other traditions, e.g., Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism. Anyone have these already scanned? Also on the agenda is an online slide show of images for those who cannot or don't want to save these images, Gandharva Veda music, and a bibliography and book recommendation list for those who want to know more about the image subjects. If you are interested in donating your time to help this web site flourish, please let us know.

Please let us know your requests, by Email or the guestbook, about how to improve and expand this site. We will give all ideas due consideration, based on the criteria explained above in the paragraph "How to submit your art to us."

About Us:

Oak River Software is a group of Web Designers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, and Copywriter/Editors. This web site was designed, developed, and is maintained by Dan Collinsworth of Oak River Software.

E-mail us concerning Vedic Art only,
including your art, photograph, and poster submissions at:

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