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Let us know what you think about this art site, and please don't be shy. Be bold and tell us what you think! Feel free to pass on this web site address to those of your friends, family, and business associates who you think may interested in this site and its images.

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Future site expansion:

We plan to add thumbnail categories and add images as time allows. We are specifically looking for devata images of the 9 grahas, any Brijbasi images, a complete scan of the Lakshmi image #1501 (MahaLakshmi Standing TM), and more classical images of other traditions, e.g., Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism. Anyone have these already scanned? Also on the agenda is an online slide show of images for those who cannot or don't want to save these images, Gandharva Veda music, and a bibliography and book recommendation list for those who want to know more about the image subjects. If you are interested in donating your time to help this web site flourish, please let us know.

Please let us know your requests, by Email or the guestbook, about how to improve and expand this site. We will give all ideas due consideration, based on the criteria explained in the Gallery Index page paragraph "How to submit your art to us."

E-mail us concerning Vedic Art only,
including your art, photograph, and poster submissions at:

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